Capital Ship

A Capital Ship under attack.

A Capital Ship is a Federation ship that acts as a command post.


The Federation created these as launch points, and special bases in orbit over a planet.

Operation: StarBladeEdit

In Operation: StarBlade three Capital Ships launched into orbit and launched Team: GeoSword to deal with RedEye. Shortly after launch they were attacked by the UIMS fleet. But the alien-mechs were defeated by the GeoSword. After RedEye and IceBerg were destroyed, the GeoSword returned to the Capital Ships and the Capital Ship went home.

Operation: Blue PlanetEdit

In Operation: Blue Planet a Capital Ship launched GeoCalibur to attack and destroy Mega-Mouth.

Operation: Star IxiomEdit

In Operation: Star Ixiom a Capital Ship launched GeoSword and Gaia to defend the UG.