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Namco Ltd. is a Tokyo, Japan based arcade and amusement manufacturing company. They're best known character is Pac-Man.


Early ExistenceEdit

In 1955 Namco Ltd. was established under the name Nakamura Manufacturing. The company focused on creating amusement-park attractions. A few years later the company was expanded across Tokyo, and had a Co. added to the end of they're title. In 1970 they released a virtual driving simulater under the name, "Racer". In the 80's they invested in Atari Inc. to support the company.

Late 70's/1980'sEdit

In the late 70's Namco Ltd. created the arcade game Galaxian whch would later be considered the first UGSF game in existence, and would have several sequels introduced including Galaga. A few months after the release of Galaga Namco introduced Bosconian, as well as Baraduke into what would be the UGSF series.


Namco Hometek's Star Luster(1985) breifly mentioned the organization known as the UGSF, and in 1990 Namco introduced the theme park attraction Galaxian 3 into the UGSF storyline. This turn of events put the Galaxian and Bosconian series into the storyline. One year later Namco Ltd. started working on an single player arcade version of Galaxian 3. Half-way through the Galaxian 3 concept was scrapped for another UGSF game in the working... StarBlade! After a view months Namco released StarBlade on the open market and had a pretty successful arcade game out of it. After that they got they're way and published Galaxian 3 in a theater arcade machine. After creating the arcade machine they left the game with Namco Hometek to port onto consoles.


In early 1999 and early 2000 Namco tied the alternate past, Ace Combat series of games in with the UGSF universe by the release of the futuristic Ace Combat 3. In 2002 StarBlade: Operation Blue Planet was set for release, but it never made it past field testing. After that the only other arcade UGSF title in that decade and in the current one was the New Space Order aracde game. Linking 80's game Xevious into the series.

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