The Octopus Reactor is RedEye's main power source. It has a power-crystal at it's core which acts as it's source of life, and amplifies it's power.


Octopus has six large pillars surronding it's outside, which help route it's power in different directions. It is extremely large and highly armored so that one would have trouble destroying it. Underneath the top pillar is a small passage/vent which is it's only weakness. Through the passage a power-crystal powers everything.


Operation: StarBladeEdit

Somehow RedEye and the reactor were created and Octopus powered RedEye as it moved towards Earth. Once RedEye reached Earth it would get it's canon percing the atmosphere then surrond Earth with energy and crush it. Team GeoSword infiltrated and destroyed RedEye. But IceBerg seperated and continued on the course, with a variation/copy of Octopus. It was destroyed too.