"Our goal is to neutralize the mechanized planet RedEye."-Federation Commander

Operation StarBlade

Operation "StarBlade."

Operation:StarBlade is the first mission that Geo Class Ships flew in. The objective was to destroy planet RedEye on a collision course.



In the year 2335 the UIMS planet RedEye locks onto a collision course with the Mother-Planet, and along with it's fleet posses a threat to all of the UGSF and Federation. Knowing that this posses a major threat to mankind the Federation launches they're orbiting defense fleet to combat RedEye.

Assault on the FederationEdit

Upon leaving the atmosphere the Federation fleet was attacked by the UIMS forcing the Federation to launch they're fleet immediatly. The GeoSword gunships quickly dealt with the threat, then hit hyperspace to continue on and assault the rest of the fleet.

Through the Asteroid BeltEdit

Team GeoSword quickly flew through an asteroid belt on they're way to RedEye. But on they're way they were ambushed by several RockEyes. They took some losses but, destroyed the RockEyes and a few UIMS fighters.

Enemy FleetEdit

The Enemy Fleet was located just on the other side of the asteroid belt. They primarily consisted of Hammerheads but also had Tankers mixed in strangely. The team flew through leaving a wake of destruction in their path.

UIMS SpaceportEdit

The Gunships wizzed through space and found what appeared to be the enemy space port. They followed the enemy's Commander through the are.