Operation Blue Planet
Operation: Blue Planet is the final strike of the UIMS. The event occured when the UIMS regrouped in a group of unmatched size for one last attemt to attack Earth.



In the year 2659, what remains of the UIMS fleet from previous attacks masses together for one last strike at Earth. If this strike fails then the UIMS will be destroyed forever. If the UIMS reach sattelite orbit of Earth, then the capital of the UG will be destroyed massively weakening the UG and paving the way to the destruction of human colonization. But the Federation has responded and is ready with the new GeoCalibur.

Over EarthEdit

Just above Earth's orbit, the Capital Ships launch the GeoCalibur team. After launch the cruisers are asualted by a group of UIMS fighters at the point of the fleet, forcing the fighters to break off and deal with the new arrivals. Before long the fleet itself arrives and attacks the Capital Ships because of this combined strength the Federation starts taking losses, but not without the price of several Arrowhead cruisers.

The Arrival of MegamouthEdit

The UIMS cruiser Megamouth arrives and attacks the Federation fleet. Causing major damage. As the GeoCalibur team nears their target, Megamouth unleases a massive barrage of projectiles and fighters. GeoCalibur 3 is forced to enter the cruiser alone while the rest of the team holds off the enemy fleet.

Return of the CommanderEdit

As GeoCalibur 3 reaches the power-core of Megamouth, the revived Commander extends it's flaps and attacks, starting a massive one-on-one dogfight in the bowells of Megamouth. After a long fight the Commander is destroyed once and for all, and Megamouth's core is destroyed. With Megamouth and the Arrowheads out of the way the rest of the UIMS fleet fell easily, leaving the UG safe. But only 3% of the Federation remained. Leaving the galaxy at peace for a while afterwards.