RedEye ID

RedEye is a mechanical planet used by the UIMS. It can move through space by unknown force, and is outfitted with a kinetic canon. Upon it's destruction a small chunk known as IceBerg seperated from the main body.


RedEye is roughly the size of Earth and is a color of dull-red. It is covered with twisting ravines and treches and has it's canon located near the north-pole. It appears to either have a locked course/purpose or, like the other UIMS, have a mind of it's own. Since nothing was operating it. There are several access hatches which allow UIMS units to enter and exit.(But this also lead to it's undoing.) On the inside of the access hatches, is an almost completely hollow interior. If one goes through the different passages of the interior they're eventually find the Octopus Reactor which powers the whole planet and it's enormous canon. Another curious fact is that it's surface is almost completely covered with dust. But where the dust isn't some machine is.


Operation: StarBladeEdit

Somehow RedEye was created sent on a collision course with Earth by the UIMS. It hurdled into the UG and locked onto Earth, with it's escort UIMS fleet. After destroying the majority of it's UIMS escort convoy Team GeoSword got in through the access passages and destroyed the reactor causing RedEye to violently explode. However during it's destruction the Commander escaped, and after it's destruction a segment known as IceBerg survived.


  • From it's general design as well as it's canon, it is believed that it is based on the "Death Star" from the Star Wars series.

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