StarBlade is the game that started it all. It has several versions and variations. It's most most short-lived variation was a breif download release on the PSP, which was taken off the PlayStation Network a week after it was released.


Year 2335: The Mechanical planet "RedEye" locks onto a collision course with the Mother-Planet Earth. If it collides with it's target it will cause considerable damage. But RedEye isn't the only problem. An escorting UIMS fleet posses a fair share of trouble. The United Galaxy Space Force asigned the Federation of Planets to this crisis hoping that they're obital defence unit can handle it easily. For this crisis the Federation launches Team GeoSword, a group of qualified gunners and pilots that have can shred through the worst situations in 20-minutes. Team GeoSword will have to speed through space, to intercept and destroy RedEye, as well as a few suprises on the way.


The gameplay revolves around acting as a gunner aboard a GeoSword, to shoot down enemy objects. The game is "On-the-Rails" though so you can't chose where your going to fly. You simply enjoy the ride as enemies rapidly pop-up in your face. The simple way to avoid being shot is to shoot first-ask questions later.(Don't worry, no friendlies get in your way.) To destroy large carriers and other large objects, multiple targets must be destroyed or damaged. COS and Team Leader are frequently heard making communications such as "Making a steep rise" or Take the Starboard I'll take the port" to brace the player for the next move. The game may only last twenty minutes, but it's an exiting thrill-ride.