"Prevent Megamouth from reaching orbit."-COS

SB Blue Planet

StarBlade: Operation Blue Planet is the sequel to StarBlade.


In the year 2659 the UIMS have massed for one more attack on Earth. If they reach sattellite orbit, invasion will be inevitable. The UGSF has contacted the Galactic Federation and ordered the launch of Team GeoSword, and they're upgraded ship type GeoCalibur. They must launch and stop the UIMS and they're flagship Megamouth before the UIMS succeed. If the UIMS succeed, then the UG's capital will be taken. If they are crushed, they will be defeated forever. The final battle has begun.


As usual the player moves a target-cursor to fire at and destory enemies. The graphics have largely improved since the original StarBlade, they're at the level of the PS2's greatest titles graphic-wise. The player's canon has changed from a double-barreled gun to a quad-barreled rapid fire weapon. The game is much more fast-paced now too.


Only one port is known to exist, and it wasn't released past field testing.