The Unknown Intellectual Mechanized Species (UIMS) is a robotic alien species who's primary goal is destruction. They are visious and vary in type but, are ultimately linked.


Project DragoonEdit

The UIMS made their first appearance attacking anyone who strayed outside the UG. The UIMS later started production on the Canon-Seed planning to neutralize Earth with it. But Team Dragoon flew through the UIMS fleet uterly destroying them. The Canon-Seed was destroyed and the UIMS recieved they're first defeat but, they lived to fight another day.

Operation: StarBladeEdit

The Mechanical Planet RedEye fell into the UG to attack Earth with it's heavy energy weapons. The UIMS were noted to be linked to RedEye since they flew next to it and UIMS had the same coding as RedEye. The UIMS fleet attacked the Federation's capital ships, and were defeated. Several UIMS guarded the surface of RedEye, but when RedEye was destroyed they were too. However that didn't end the threat. The enormous UIMS Battleship IceBerg was still on course with Earth, and the main UIMS Commander was with them. The Team flew inside IceBerg and darted through the tunnels to get one step closer to the core. IceBerg's collasped on itself and after an encounter with the commander the UIMS Empire was defeated again, this time for a little longer.

Operation: Star IxiomEdit

The UIMS attacked the UG with several other alien species, and was on they're way to Ixiom but, they were defeated by Team Gaia.

Operation: Blue PlanetEdit

The UIMS made their last assault on Earth, with the flagship Megamouth and several Arrowheads. They were defeated by the new Team GeoSword with they're new GeoCalibur ships. Because of the fact that this was all they had left the UIMS were believed to be destroyed for the last time.






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