The Dome is the original release of Galaxian 3. It features a large wrap-around screen as well as 28 seats for players. It's only release was in amusement parks.


The Dome was built as an amusement park attraction, for up to 28 people. The gameplay was shown by several projectors lined up on the outer walls. After the people would walk in they would see a demo video and be greeted by the ride's mentor, and the intro to the game would be shown(breifing). The players would then be led through the "air lock gate" into the main section where the game was played. After entering the interior the players would sit on a two-person bench seat(which there are seven of), the players would then put seat belts on because of the fact that the seats shift with the movement of the Dragoon, as well as the ground shaking with hits and explosions on screen. The guns are aimed with a yoke that is aimed to move the on-screen crosshair, and fired with the yoke's buttons. After the game ends the players exit for the next group. The only one known to remain is in Tokyo, Japan.